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Basics: RCX Operations
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Picture of a LEGO RCX, a lamp and a motor.   A sequence of three programming icons show how to turn on the lamp and motor respectively.

The RCX, shown at the left, is the major component in the LEGO® Mindstorms™ kit. Using a computer and a robot software package, the RCX can be programmed to perform many functions.

The RCX is integrated into a structure composed of other LEGO® pieces. It can operate motors to drive gears and wheels. It can also use sensors to get information from the environment.

We start by attaching a lamp or a motor to the RCX and then create a program to operate them.

The 'meta icons' we use are easily understood and converted into Mindstorms™, ROBOLAB™, NQC or other languages which can run the RCX.

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